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Understanding The Differences Between Ketamine And SPRAVATO® near Robbinsville Brought To Light By The Passing Of Friends Matthew Perry

January 26, 2024

The tragic passing of Friends actor Matthew Perry brought renewed awareness of ketamine, a medication connected to both medical use and dangerous misuse.

In light of these news stories, it's vital to understand the main distinctions between Spravato®, the FDA-sanctioned nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression (TRD), and ketamine, a frequently misused anesthetic that appears to have played a part in Mr. Perry's death.

The circumstances surrounding Matthew Perry's ketamine use are not known publicly, and with respect to Perry and his family, it's not suitable to postulate on whether he was taking it recreationally or for medical reasons.

However, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's report did conclusively determine "acute ketamine intoxication" as a contributing factor in his death, not specifying the source or context about his ketamine consumption.

Beyond the Headlines: Uncovering the Differences Between Spravato and Ketamine

While both are derived from ketamine, Spravato and therapeutic or recreational ketamine are greatly different in administration, dosage, treatment setting, and goals

Dosage and Administration:

  • Spravato: FDA-sanctioned, low-level doses taken through a nasal spray in an accredited medical environment under direct healthcare supervision.
  • Recreational Ketamine: Uncontrolled and unregulated dosages, typically consumed outside of healthcare facilities.

Treatment Setting:

  • Spravato: Safe and supportive healthcare setting with close monitoring during treatments.
  • Recreational Ketamine: Self-administered, heightening the danger of adverse complications.

Treatment Goals:

  • Spravato: Used for specified mental health disorders like treatment-resistant depression (TRD).
  • Recreational Ketamine: Altering of consciousness and intoxication.

Spravato: A Framework For Patient Safety

It's wise to know that ketamine is a potent substance with both therapeutic potential and risks of misuse. You must seek professional guidance if you are thinking about ketamine treatment for any reason.

Approved by the FDA in 2019, Spravato's rigorous approval process included strict guidelines and a controlled distribution system permitting only certain providers to protect patient safety. Dissimilar to unprescribed ketamine, Spravato treatment requires Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) certification to ensure patients are protected and receive the top level of care for this cutting-edge new treatment.

Shielding Patients: Spravato's Framework Demands Safe Providers

  • In-depth Patient Screening: Patients undergo intensive evaluations for Treatment-Resistant Depression near Robbinsville to determine if Spravato is the right treatment option and to document any potential risk factors.
  • Close Medical Monitoring: All Spravato doses are provided and monitored by a qualified healthcare specialist in a controlled environment.
  • Continuous Support: Patients receive comprehensive support and monitoring throughout their treatment experience, including advice on side effects that can arise and how to manage them.

Moving Forward: Getting Help Is Your First Step

If you or someone you know is battling depression, finding professional help is critical. While movie star news stories could raise some concerns, Spravato treatment is a safe and controlled treatment option, administered within a rigid framework to emphasize patient safety.

Get Outpatient Spravato Treatment at The Counseling Center At Robbinsville

Specialized healthcare practitioners at [[companyname1]] can examine your needs and determine if outpatient treatment with Spravato near Robbinsville , or other established depression treatments, are appropriate. Our center is REMS-certified and delivers safe and regulated Spravato treatment for TRD patients who have attempted two or more antidepressants without success.

Here's how The Counseling Center prioritizes patient mental health:

  • Convenient and Comfortable Therapy: Delivery in a regulated clinical facility with observation periods.
  • Appointments to fit your schedule: Morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions near Robbinsville will minimize disruption to daily life.
  • Family and M.A.T. Programs: Providing care choices for a range of needs.

Praesum Healthcare is the parent operator of The Counseling Center At Robbinsville and offers a complete range of services across its continuum, including outpatient and inpatient programs, drug and alcohol detox, mental health services, and medication-assisted treatment. Our medical team are experienced with TRD, and our patients are thankful for the use of Spravato to get relief from depression:

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Ready to Get Help For Depression?

Get past the headlines with factual information. Let’s converse about ketamine and vital mental healthcare with safe and effective treatment options. Take the first step. Contact The Counseling Center At Robbinsville today at 609-806-5083 to arrange a consultation and find out how Spravato can help.