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Our Mission

At The Counseling Center At Robbinsville, our mission is to give you the opportunity to better your mental health and treat the co-occurring disorders that often coincide with alcohol and substance use. The professionals at our outpatient treatment center in Robbinsville will provide the support you need to better understand yourself, develop effective coping strategies, and overcome substance use by dealing with the issues surrounding addiction. Each individual who contacts us will be treated with the caring, expert assistance they require for successful addiction recovery.

Patients at The Counseling Center

Why Go To The Counseling Center At Robbinsville?

For some patients, mental struggles or personal trauma lies at the root of alcohol or drug use disorder. Addressing these underlying causes provides a greater chance of a lasting recovery. Our highly trained substance use clinicians in Robbinsville provide a variety of therapies to uncover and manage the causes of addiction. By undergoing therapy and other types of care, you'll learn beneficial coping strategies and discover ways to elevate your mental health. You can then implement these skills to sustain a life of sobriety.

Based on your unique situation, you can start one of the following programs:

You'll enjoy customized care adapted to you within every one of these options. As you start, you’ll undergo a thorough appraisal and work with our personnel to decide which type of care would accommodate your recovery objectives most effectively. We'll initiate a path with individual and group therapy to help you manage your substance or alcohol use and put your life back together.

Our Staff

Alicia Jennings, MSW, LCSW, CCSWS, DRCC
Executive Director
Executive Director, Alicia Jennings, started her career as a social worker with a passion for treating psychiatric and mental health disorders. Alicia earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from Ramapo College and a master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University

About Praesum

The Counseling Center is a proud member of the Praesum Healthcare family. Praesum opened its first facility in 2004 once we identified a necessity for more customized addiction and mental health treatment in East Coast communities. We now provide exceptional behavioral healthcare at dozens of treatment centers covering five states.

Our aim is to treat drug and alcohol use disorders with proven processes tailored to the patients and families we serve. We believe we can better help individuals attain their recovery goals by staying focused on their requirements and serving them with dignity. Each type of facility in our operation addresses a specific phase of the addiction recovery process, but despite where you go, you'll find the same exceptional treatment and compassion that Praesum has become well-known for.

Explore Our Continuum of Care

In the event you need assistance with drug or alcohol use, The Counseling Center is the premier outpatient treatment center in Robbinsville . But keep in mind, our services are most beneficial when you have concluded other levels of care initially, like detox and rehab. If you think you might require addiction treatment before or along with enrolling into one of our programs, please inquire about our additional recovery facilities:

Our Accreditations

You should never have to worry about the quality of your mental health care. The Counseling Center Robbinsville is an accredited, reputable behavioral healthcare treatment center. The Joint Commission has awarded us a Gold Seal of Approval for our dedication to the highest level of care and medical compliance.

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