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Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health Treatment In Robbinsville

For teenage patients aged 14-18, The Counseling Center offers mental health and addiction treatment in Robbinsville . You can expect to receive understanding and focused care and work closely with staff who are well versed in the unique difficulties you’re experiencing. Our outpatient program will facilitate your recovery from drug or alcohol use while aiding those who battle mood disorders, anxiety, and additional co-occurring mental health disorders.

Treating Drug And Alcohol Use And Mental Illness In Teens

Our Adolescent Outpatient Program is specially designed to help teens conquer substance use and mental health disorders. We care for individuals in grades 8 through 12, with 14 being the age minimum. Our objective is to help you as a teen patient deal with the reasons behind your substance use, and that involves trauma, triggers, and any co-occurring disorders.

We realize that teens face distinct challenges that factor into alcohol and drug use. Our licensed therapists use techniques that shed light on developmental and social concerns affecting teens as they become adults. Under the guidance of our expert team, you’ll engage in customized one-on-one counseling to address areas like:


  • Self-esteem
  • Emotion regulation
  • Beneficial relationships
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Decision-making skills


During treatment, you’ll discover how various factors influence alcohol or drug use and cultivate established methods to end your dependence on substances. With these helpful abilities, you’ll have more positive means to deal with friends, family, and school.

Substance Addiction In Teens

Similar to adults, teenagers attempt to find comfort in drugs or alcohol to handle the daily challenges of life. Sadly, this can result in addiction. The various triggers that may contribute to alcohol and drug use disorders in teens include:


  • Mood issues
  • Difficult peer relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Hormone changes
  • Problems at school and home
  • Undiagnosed mental illness


Working with the caring professionals at The Counseling Center At Robbinsville, teens can explore how these elements contribute to their drug or alcohol use and test out established coping techniques to live happier and healthier lives.

Get The Individualized Treatment You Deserve In Adolescent Outpatient Therapy In Robbinsville

Every person is different, and your track to drug or alcohol recovery will follow a different path from other teens. Our adolescent program in Robbinsville recognizes your special experiences and tailors your care to fit your needs and goals. Our professionals work with you and your family members to create a treatment plan and schedule that makes sense for you, so you’re more likely to stick with it.

Your care begins with an evaluation of your medical and psychological history, so we are able to gain an understanding of your background and the extent of your alcohol or drug use and mental health. Our clinicians then plan the most appropriate therapies and medications for your recovery. We’ll carefully document the progress you’re making and tweak your plan whenever appropriate. You should consistently feel safe, comfortable, and respected.

Live Your Life While Learning The Methods For Improved Mental Health

Established as an outpatient facility, The Counseling Center lets teens live their normal lives while still receiving guidance for substance use and mental health. Therapy can be scheduled to accommodate normal commitments like school and other activities. This affords the chance to practice the skills you cultivate in therapy out in the real world.

Find Assistance For Teen Alcohol Or Drug Addiction Today

If you or a teen you love struggles with addiction or mental health disorders, help is available today. Reach out to 609-806-5083 or fill out our form, and we will answer immediately. Caring professionals are available to speak with you at any time, irregardless of the day.